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Moorland Development: Whitehouse Beach property

Buying or building a property in Jamaica has never been simpler or more secure

Find out more about:

  • Gated communities
  • Property sourcing
  • Land sourcing
  • Finding reputable contractors
  • Ready built
  • Off Plan purchases
  • Rental/ Holiday lets
  • Mortgages

We can help you find property for sale in Jamaica and leverage our trusted and time proved experience in the whole process.

To add even greater value, we have partnered with Victoria Mutual, Jamaica’s oldest financial institution and only remaining building society in Jamaica that is the progressively pushing for all to own property in Jamaica.



Buying property in Jamaica as a foreigner or as part of the Diaspora?

We are here to help lovers of Jamaica residing in foreign lands in buying a property in Jamaica.

We are one of the best places to buy property in Jamaica and we work with the best partners to support you every step of the way. Our preferred financial partners is Victoria Mutual, which is Jamaica’s only remaining building society and has passionately flown the flag to promote and facilitate property ownership in Jamaica. With over a 140 years history, Victoria Mutual is by far the most experienced mortgage, investment and wealth creation with knowledge like none other.

Within our partnership is also Moorland Development, a property development specialist building and managing beautiful properties across Jamaica and helping YOU to get the best built and managed properties in Jamaica.

In our webinars we go through the process of buying a property in Jamaica, the options you have while buying a property in Jamaica as well as showcasing properties for sale in Jamaica. Whether you are looking to buy as a primary home, second home, holiday let or continual rental property, you will be hard-pressed to find a wealth of knowledge and opportunity anywhere else.

We are your most up to date guide for property in Jamaica for sale.

The free webinar is by registration only.

We cover;

  • The property market in Jamaica
  • The buying process – start to finish (including fees, taxes and financial options)
  • Property listings in Jamaica
  • Mortgages in Jamaica
  • Sending Money to Jamaica
  • Other considerations

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